HaMeri Nitzana, Givatayim

Type: Urban Development Renewal Plan

Apartments: 105

Architect: Kaiser Architects

Status: Permit Application (following approval of master plan)

An extraordinary urban renewal project located at the foot of Kozlovsky Hill, one of the two hills that gave Givatayim (“two hills” in Hebrew) its name. Home to the Shalom Observation Point, which overlooks the urban sprawl of Tel Aviv all the way to the sea, this famous hill is a unique urban nature site that also includes the historic HaAliya HaShniya Garden and the legendary Givatayim Observatory.

The project will demolish 7 buildings on HaMeri Street and Nitzana Street, before constructing 4 new buildings of 5 and 8 stories. These new buildings will offer spacious apartments with unique views of Kozlovsky Hill – the highest point in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area. Great care is taken in this area to preserve its unique landscape and natural treasures, and there are also plans to create an expansive new public park nearby.

Development: Binternet