HaDekel Wolfson, Tel Mond

Type: Urban Development Renewal Plan

Apartments: 700

Architect: Yashar Architects

Status: Master Plan Submission

A large-scale urban development renewal project in the heart of Tel Mond, one of the Sharon region’s most attractive and highest quality locales, which is undergoing extensive urban renewal.

The project is expected to involve the demolishing of 17 two-story townhouses and building a meticulously planned new neighborhood in their stead, covering 2.2 hectares and including advanced infrastructure. Featuring impressive landscaping and abundant open public spaces, the project will offer exceptional quality of life in one of Central Israel’s most desirable areas. The 11 new buildings, displaying outstanding architectural design and nestled among greenery, will invite residents to choose from diverse apartment types, all especially spacious and with excellent specifications, overlooking the Sharon’s endless fields and pastoral landscapes.

Development: Binternet