Golomb 3, Ramat HaSharon

Type: Tama 38 – Demolition & Construction

Apartments: 22

Architect: Zait-Lev Architects

Status: Construction

An urban renewal project on a quiet, upscale street in the central, highly desirable Hadar neighborhood. Close to leading educational institutions, the project enjoys the ideal location between Sokolov and Ussishkin Streets, which have become the focal point for urban renewal in Ramat HaSharon.

This beautiful new 8-story building is notable for its clean lines, open facades, and large apertures that link the premium interiors, outfitted with excellent technical specifications, with an exterior immersed in lush greenery.

The building invites buyers to choose from 3 and 4-bedroom luxury apartments, each with a spacious sun terrace, charming garden apartments, and magnificent, well-illuminated penthouses.

Development: Binternet