Virtue is both our name and an expression of our professional conduct, values, and worldview.

It comes from the Latin virtus, which was synonymous with all the finest qualities a person could have, such as valor, excellence, character, integrity, and creativity. These values reflect the way we think and act vis-à-vis residents, customers, and partners alike. We believe that this philosophy is ultimately expressed through every detail of the projects we create. The design of each project stems from an overarching vision that strives to maximize benefits for the residents, the community, and the wider urban fabric, while simultaneously upholding the highest standards of design and construction, committing to complete transparency as regards all parties, and paying close attention to even the smallest detail, without compromising or cutting corners. In order to ensure that each project receives the dedicated care it deserves, we are very selective and only take on a limited number of projects.

Beginning with single-building urban renewal projects, the company’s activity has grown in recent years to encompass the planning and construction of extensive complexes with hundreds of apartments in coveted locations throughout Central Israel. We are confident that our people-first approach has served as our primary growth engine, as urban renewal projects bring with them a particular complexity due to the need for seamless integration with the surrounding environment. Uniting dozens of landowners and families from diverse backgrounds around a single purpose is a challenge that requires great patience as well as a genuine understanding of different needs. This is where we have the advantage. Our special expertise, coupled with the family character of our business, enables us to conduct ourselves with all due sensitivity, integrity, and flexibility while cultivating vital personal connections with each tenant and buyer.

Moshe Mordechai

Owner & Co-CEO

Attorney | BA in Law & Business Administration (specializing in real estate). A highly experienced real estate expert, Moshe is closely involved with the initiation of Virtue Investment Group projects, taking responsibility for various aspects of business management and development. He has managed the construction of hundreds of residences all over Israel and was previously the business development manager of a public real estate development company.

Elad Feldhaker

Owner & Co-CEO

Attorney | BA in Law & Business Administration (specializing in real estate). Drawing on extensive experience across all aspects of the real estate field, Elad has an in-depth understanding of every development stage, from initiation and planning to purchasing, construction, and project handover. He plays a key role in initiating and managing Virtue Investment Group projects and is also responsible for capital raising and investor recruitment activities.

Adi Feldhaker

VP Planning

Architect | B.Arch in Architecture & Urban Planning. Having designed many residential buildings and urban environments, Adi has many years of hands-on experience in the real estate field. She is currently involved in initiating and managing projects for Virtue Investment Group, while also overseeing the planning, permit, and design teams.

Seffi Mordechai

VP Business Development

BA in Business Administration (specializing in marketing & advertising). Engaged in initiating and managing Virtue Investment Group projects, Seffi is responsible for construction, procurement, and supplier/customer relations. He has been active in the real estate world for many years, including as a construction supervisor and manager for multiple projects.
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